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10 Alternative Ways To Be Fit Without Going To The Gym


We are so obsessed with our favorite celebrities and their abs, legs, bottoms etc. They look so young and fresh, even though they are like 40-50 years old. You know what, okay, their job is to look great, and they definitely have some hard training routine to keep them up. But can one regular mom of three or some college student or a simple worker strive for that physical perfection? Of course, but in reality we don’t have so much time to be “perfect”. We might have time to be only fit, and that’s okay too, because staying fit can require some time, but regular habits and some motivation can be very good for our health.

And just to be clear: if you want a muscle definition, you will probably need to spend some time at the gym with personal trainer.


  1. Long walks

Source: http://www.chatelaine.com/

Start with the basics. It is well known fact that only 30 minute walk a day can help you with your health improvement. And that number can be optional, because it depends on your physical health. But if you want to start losing weight and finally get that healthy body figure, you will definitely need more than 30 minutes. Start with that, but try to walk much more each day. Find a partner and do it together! Don’t forget your dog if you have one – it will keep you motivated.