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10 Celebrity Makeup Fails And Lessons We Can Learn From Them


Celebrities are always under the spotlight so they’re expected to always look good from head to toe. Outfits should always be on point, hair should be glamorous and makeup should be on fleek. While many pass the first two criteria with flying colors, there are those who might as well get a failing grade in the subject of makeup. It could be their own doing or it could be because of a negligent makeup artist (someone’s getting fired, for sure). Either way, mere mortals like us can learn a thing or two about this makeup fails.

1. Miley Cyrus

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

From afar, everything looks good with this singing superstar’s makeup. In fact I bet many would not even notice anything.  But, if you look closely or if you come in for a tighter shot (assuming you have the opportunity), you’ll see that there’s some white powder still sitting on top of her chin and jaw, oops!. Using makeup is an art and must be done well to achieve its goal.

Makeup Lesson Learned: When you do set your makeup, make sure that the powder you’re using is dusted off enough and buffed into your skin properly. Doing so will yield great results.