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10 Hairstyles That Will Make Your Stylist Jealous


You’ve had the same hairdo for months, maybe even years, and you think it’s time to switch it up. Well, you’re right! But maybe a full-on haircut isn’t what’s necessary. When the stars need something that will make even their hair stylists jealous, they turn to these 10 styles. From blunt bangs to adorable pig tails, these looks will keep your hair looking fresh while completing any outfit. And they’re so easy you can do them yourself! As they say… change your hair, change your life!


  1. Blunt bangs

Source: http://hairstylehub.com/

Blunt bangs are one of our favorite ways to bring envy to those around you. Whether you have long or short hair, blunt bangs look good on every face shape. Cut them straight across for a sleek, edgy look or leave a little fringe on the side for some fun. Either way, you will look great in this effortless do and your stylist will be green with jealousy.