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10 Hairstyles To Match With Autumn Clothes


Moody, rainy days make a lot of changes in our wardrobe and we desperately crave for even more changes in our style, including our recent haircut. The sun made us lighter and free- spirited, but now we have to tame our free locks and be open for more graceful style. Besides, we must pay attention to our hair care even more, because sun left us with a lot of damage. It is wrong that the autumn is dull, on the contrary it is vivid and lively. Check out these hairstyles and be ready for change!


  1. Medium bob

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/

The haircut of the year. It makes us cry (hard) after many celebrities with a signature locks have decided to embrace it. It still deserves a lot of attention this autumn. Straight or wavy, with highlights or ombre, definitely in gray blonde shades for summer, but for autumn don’t be afraid to experiment – strawberry blond, ginger or even natural brunette with some honey highlights might do the trick. An extra-large sweater is must for this one, pick some vivid shades such as brick red, yellow, white or light brown.