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10 Qualities A Good Wife MUST Have


When men mention their wives while hanging out together they usually complain about everything, just to share their thoughts with a same gender. And that is almost the same, whether they adore their wives, or not so much. There is always a thing to complain about. But, now and then there are some that really have nothing bad to say or to complain, even though there is always a “but”. Or maybe those examples don’t really exist. Read these 10 qualities of a good wife and make sure of it by yourself.


  1. Smart

Source: http://www.pasarella.rs/

She definitely must be smart. Not super smart like Einstein, but to speak nice and to comprehend different things. Above all, she must be strong in thinking and doing that she doesn’t need a man to do things for her all the time. Independent and with a solid education, a good wife will always be a motivation to her husband and children. Remember, women are usually the first teachers to children!