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10 Quick Tips For A Flat Stomach


The tummy pooch: woman’s most unsightly enemy. A tummy pooch not only feels uncomfortable, but it takes away from looking your best. Do you ever wish you could shed a few inches of belly bloating before that dinner party or special date, but don’t know how? These quick and easy tips will send you on your way to washboard abs. Try them all to help get you looking fit and event ready.


  1. Drink glass of water before eating

Source: https://thgml951753.files.wordpress.com/

Drinking at least 8 ounces of water before every meal will help jump start your digestion and prepare your body for food intake. Drinking some crisp H2O before eating can help lubricate your intestines, allowing for fast and easy digestion. It will also make your stomach feel fuller, resulting in your body consuming less calories during your meal. This will automatically begin to help you lose weight since your body drops fat by burning more calories than it intakes. Drinking water before a meal can also help jumpstart your adrenaline, making you feel refreshed and awake before breakfast, giving you that energy jolt you need to exercise earlier in the day.