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15 Ballet Fitness Exercises Anyone Can Do


When getting your fitness on, the last thing you want is a boring routine. Spice up your workout with these beautiful ballet fitness exercises that anyone can do! You don’t need a ballet barre or mirrors for this workout, just put on your favorite athletic wear and start toning. These exercises are fun, quick, and don’t take up much space. Incorporate all 15 into your daily routine and you will have a gorgeous ballerina figure in no time. Long legs and fit booty… here you come!


  1. Pretty pliés

Source: http://www.rockettes.com/

Plié is a French word, literally meaning ‘to bend’. Start with your feet together and open your toes so that only your heels are touching. If you are a beginning or have never engaged your ‘turn out’ muscles before, stick to a smaller V with the feet. Make sure your body is upright and your knees are squeezed together. Bend your knees slowly, counting to two, then straighten. Repeat this exercise eight times, then rest.