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15 Health Benefits Of Yoga We Didn’t Know About


Yoga has been around for about a thousand years and many have already been familiar with the benefits it gives, both mentally and physically. There’s, of course, the improvement in your flexibility and posture, improvement in your concentration, the increase in your patience and awareness, and the improvement in your bodily functions. And, that’s just to name a few. There are, however, more benefits to yoga that we may not be aware of (and these might surprise you).


1. Better Listening Skills

Source: www.alanknox.com

Can yoga really make you a better listener? Well, yes! When doing yoga you have to be aware of your body and be aware of your breathing. You have to be completely silent to do this. Being silent is already good training for you to prioritize your listening rather than your speaking. During your silence, you also need to be aware of your body and of the things around you. That requires a good amount of listening, both to your body and your environment.