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15 Lip Color Hacks To Stand Out This Fall


Makeup has been one of woman’s most prized beauty possessions, dating back to the time of Queens and Kings, and rightfully so. Lipstick has the ability to enhance natural beauty while making a vibrant statement about a woman’s personality and individual sense of style. What other beauty item lets you say so much so easily?! We now have so many bright colors, mattes, glosses, shines, and nudes to choose from, ladies, so how do we find out the best way to stand out this Fall season? Well, turns out it doesn’t matter what you wear anymore, it’s how you wear it that will turn heads and make all the difference! Do these 15 revolutionary lipstick hacks to ensure that you will be the center of attention this Autumn.


  1. Dual-tone lipstick

Source: http://www.orchardintl.com/

Dual tone lipstick is one of the season’s most coveted new lip trend. This two-tone lip bar is shaped like a regular tube of lipstick, but is designed to give your lips a gorgeous ombré look. When you remove the cap, the lipstick looks like candy. But don’t be fooled, this style is as glamorous as they come. Originated in Korea, dual-tone lipstick was made for the adventurous and fashion-forward woman.