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15 Makeup Tips For A Night Out


Going out this weekend? Are you planning to wear your favourite dress or skirt? No problem for you. You have already prepared top 5 combinations! Usually you do this with friends and they enjoy picking something up for themselves too. It is always great to have a company. But there is one companion we really need the most, regardless of what we decide to wear – makeup! It is crucial to have a perfect match of clothes and makeup. Because when we go out at night we can experiment a bit, or stick with the basics. No matter what you decide you have to be careful, because you don’t want to experiment too much with your face. These 15 tips might do you well.


  1. Smokey eyes – Light lips

Source: http://cf.ltkcdn.net/

This rule is universal, but can be reversed if you are brave enough to be suggestive. Let’s stick with the rule itself. Smokey eyes will give you the wild cat look and that is perfect for going out in a club. This eye shadowing technique looks good on everyone and can be easily applied. Try using some darker shades for your night out and pair it with a light red or rose lipstick.