15 Storage DIY Ideas For Your Accessorize And Other Stuffs


We don’t need to be very organized and tidy in order to store our stuffs in a right way. There is a practical reason for it. Sometimes we want to find specific thing that we need at the moment and suddenly realize it just magically vanished. Even worse, we find our favorite necklace entangled with ten more pendants or earrings. The same is with make-up. So stop being messy for once and for all and take a look at this list of DIY projects that might actually save your nerves, and your time.


  1. Pendant and necklace holder

Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/

There are plenty ideas for this one, and some of them are very good, but the most organized and after all the most transparent and useful is the recycling clothes holder. Pick up one that is made of wood because you’ll need to drill some holes. Before you start with the drilling, make sure that your holder is decorated as you want, because you will look at it every day as you knock it to the wall. Use some acrylic paint because it dries nicely on wood and can’t be removed easily. If you don’t like it artistic, put some funny stickers on it. After that you will need few hooks, it depends on how much pendants you’re planning to put on your holder. Put your hooks and hang the holder to the wall. That simple!