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20 European Foods That Americans Would Enjoy!


Every now and then we get tired of meals that we usually prepare and we desperately want to change our cuisine, experiment a little bit but then there are plenty of excuses. Nowadays a mixture of cultures is a common thing and we get to know people from around the world almost on the daily basis. If we pay much attention we can see that countries around the world have some similarities, especially when we think of cuisine. Some of the ingredients are almost the same, and even the whole dishes are the same, but they have different names. Americans are to European people, because they both live a fast modern life and they crave for a good home made food. Here are some European foods that Americans would enjoy preparing and eating.


  1. Fish and chips (England)

Source: http://www.delonghi.com/

British most famous meal is very easy to prepare and can be served for lunch or dinner. All you need is fish fillets and a mix of ingredients to roll the fish in it to make it crispy from the outside and some roasted potatoes. This dish is very popular all over the world and can be prepared with different kind of fish. It is considered as fast food dish, but it is less heavy than it looks like.