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20 Reasons He Isn’t Texting You Back


So you went out with a guy last night and thought everything was going great, but after texting him the next day you’re met with radio silence. It’s happened to the best of us… getting stuck in a situation where you’re texting your guy and he just does not reply.  After leaving a series of text messages on his phone you start to wonder, “Is it something I said?”. Well, you don’t have to wonder much longer, girls. This list of 20 real reasons he might not be texting you back will answer your every questions and help you decide whether it might just be time to move on.


  1. He’s taking his time

Source: http://pixel.nymag.com/

If your guy isn’t texting you back right away, don’t jump to conclusions. He could just be taking his time getting to know you, or considering witty responses to your perfectly crafted texts. Try waiting a couple of hours and check back later. He might just be operating on his own sense of time.