22 Cute Cross-Breed Dogs You’ll Fall In Love With


Most of the cutest dogs you will ever see are surprisingly cross-breeds or mix-breeds. You may have thought that mix-breeds look strange and shabby, but most of them are actually very cute – cute enough to melt someone’s heart with one stare. There are even mix-breed names that even sound as cute as the dogs look! Case in point: here are 22 cross-breed dogs you’ll absolutely fall in love with:


1. Corgmatian or Dalcorgi: Corgi & Dalmatian

Source: www.pinterest.com

This mix-breed has the height and body shape of a Corgi and the coat and head shape of a Dalmatian. Some call it Cormatian, some refer to it as Dalcorgi. Whatever the case, it’s as cute as its adorable puppy eyes.