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How To Dress Simple!


Written by femtotrend team.

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Nobody needs a closet full of clothes. That’s not necessary. Buying too many clothes is usually an obsession. You either have to have a ton of clothes or you don’t mind just owning enough to last a week or two before laundry day. All of these clothes lead to having too many things to choose from to wear. People should learn to dress simple.

I always notice how men can wear just a plain t-shirt and combine it with a pair of jeans and look amazing. You honestly cannot tell if the guy truly has a sense of style or not because he is dressing so simple. Men can own the same exact shirt design in different colors and nobody will comment. So, why should women be held to a different standard about their clothing? Why does each top we wear have to be unique? That is when I decided to stop wasting my time on deciding if I like this or that top more while I’m shopping and to just buy the same exact high quality v-neck in multiple colors and pair it with the same pair of blue jeans. Not only was I more comfortable in my attire, but I still looked good.

Try this. A white blouse and a pair of black pants or slacks. Wear this for five days straight and accessorize with some jewelry, scarves, sweaters or blazers and you can have a different outfit each day for a week. I did this experiment and here’s how it went.

On Monday I kept it simple. I wore a white blouse, slacks, and my open toed teal colored 2 inch high heels. No jewelry or other accessories and my hair was straightened. The high heels is what gave this plain look some flavor and it also drew people’s attention to my footwear. I got more compliments on these heels than on any other pair of footwear I own, and it’s all thanks to the fact that my outfit was simple.

On Tuesday I was nervous people might notice that I’m going to wear the same thing. So I put a salmon sweater over my blouse, popped the color out, wore the same pair of slacks and this time wore my salmon flats and some dangling earrings. I did some light curls in my hair too. Nobody noticed (or at least commented) about how I’m wearing the same two main clothing that I did yesterday. This was starting to get a little fun!

On Wednesday I put a black blazer over my blouse, put on the same slacks for the third time and I wore black heels. I had a white watch on my left wrist and added several silver bracelets onto my right wrist. I put my hair in a high ponytail and added some silver round studs to my ears. This was the most jewelry I had ever worn at one time and by the end of the day I realized maybe I should’ve taken it down a notch.

On Thursday I decided to tuck in my blouse into my slacks, throw on the same blazer, but this time I wore my red hot heels and a gold watch. That morning, my husband stared at my outfit and he finally asked me if that was the same thing I wore yesterday. I told him I’ve been wearing the same blouse and slacks every day this week so far. He looked shocked, but also scared for the fact that he didn’t mention anything to me. I knew that look he had and I just gave him a kiss and a smile, and I told him to have a good day.

On Friday I was really excited for the fact that I had lasted this long without people noticing what I’ve been doing. For the last day I put on a grey cardigan over my blouse, I put on the same slacks, I wore some white flats and my white watch again. I also had a nice red plaid scarf since it was a little chilly out that day. Once I got to work, I finally decided to tell my friend what I’ve been doing all week. She told me that she had been doing the same thing for months! But instead of the same blouse she would rotate between three blouses each week and either her khakis, slacks, or a skirt and that the accessories are what make all the difference.
Overall, that week was a great experience and I really learned how dressing simple can save me a lot of time every day. Plus I also had a lot of fun with it.

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