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Obsessed With Beauty!


Written by femtotrend team.

Source: www.7-themes.com

What is beauty? People have been wrestling with that concept for thousands of years. Although everybody seems to have an idea about what beauty really is, different cultures emphasize different traits that a beautiful body must have. For sure, it is not easy to define beauty because it means different things to different people. I think, it’s prudent to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In another word, the observer decides what criteria are acceptable to be beautiful?

Hollywood has its own concept of beauty and it really selects the actors and actresses that support it. We all know that the movie industry sells us fantasies and yet many among us try to model our lives after Hollywood. Life is not a fantasy! One is destined to fail by modeling their life after unrealistic expectations. For example, in Hollywood, celebrities are scrutinized about their looks and fashion. A horde of paparazzi constantly followed the most famous ones. Their lives are constantly under the microscope and every little thing they do is amplified for the entire world to see. It is as if many people forget that the celebrities are people too. They are allowed to make mistakes like the rest of us. Yet some members of the general public hold them to a higher standard, and rejoice whenever they encounter difficulties. As a result, some of these celebrities are on the brink of collapse. They cannot do anything that normal folks do without being harshly judged.

Our society is so obsessed with beauty that some people spend countless time and effort to always look good. There is nothing wrong about looking good but if it becomes an obsession than there is a problem. I think, natural beauty is all right. And by natural beauty, I mean, the way one looks just after a shower. A little make up here and there is fine but when it makes you almost unrecognizable, then there is an issue. Besides, make ups don’t really make you more beautiful, they just emphasize what was already there. Furthermore overuse of make ups can damage your skin in the long run. The chemicals in make ups will definitely interact with the body in time. I think, if you are beautiful, make ups or not you will still be beautiful. You must have self confidence in yourself.

Some people’s obsession with beauty goes to a higher level. These people try to correct anything in their body that they deem not beautiful through countless plastic surgeries. They spend tremendous amount of money and jeopardize their health to look good. The underlying problem is insecurity. People should be happy the way they look which was dictated by their genes. The truth of the matter is that nobody is perfect, and a little for some people means more than plenty for others. If you don’t like your flat nose, chances are there are people who would be very happy with what you have. Maybe, that flat nose makes you unique, and instead of trying to get rid of it, you should embrace it. Be confident and have faith in yourself and you’ll be a happier person.

Every passing day, everybody gets older and this is just the natural process of life. No matter how hard you try, it’s inevitable, you’ll get old. If your whole life is solely based upon look, you’ll not enjoy the aging process and this can have devastating consequences on your health. Learn to accept reality of life that we are all meant to get old someday. Day after day, you’ll look older whether you enjoyed the process or not. Getting old is a process that happens at the microscopic level. Changing how you look at the macroscopic level is not going to get you any younger. Eventually, genes and lifestyle dictate how we age. We cannot do anything to change the first but the latter is under our discretion. A healthy lifestyle can slow down the aging process, and make you look good for a longer time. It cannot though prevent you from getting old. Getting old, just like being born is part of life. So enjoy yourself, accept who you are and have fun!