The Key To A Healthy Marriage


Written by femtotrend team.


People around the globe differ about marriage. Vietnam has a divorce rate of 4%, the USA 53%, and Belgium has a whopping 71%. Obviously, there are major differences in how marriage is seen in these countries. To better understand the key to a successful marriage, I asked relatives and people who have lifelong marriages. Unlike in movies, life is real and marriage is not always easy. It has its ups and downs. If one wants to engage into a successful marriage, one must understand and avoid the mistakes that doom a marriage. You might be tempted to say that since marriage is so difficult, why do people tie the knots every single day? The answer to the latter question is not straightforward. Perhaps, the benefits of being married outweigh life in solitude. Remember, humans are social by nature.

According to many people in a lifelong marriage, love, respect, and trust are a must have in a healthy one. It seems almost obvious that love is necessary in any marriage. Since a married couple goes through life together, they must love one another. Love will allow you to be there for your partner no matter what the circumstances. The love I have in mind is so deep that any one partner is willing to give up their life for the other. Now this is not easy because many people will go through life without ever experiencing that kind of love. But those lucky few that do know how special love is. I’ve personally seen this kind of love in every person that is in a lifelong healthy marriage. These people are not just partners, they are soulmates. They are willing to do whatever for each other.

In any relationship, especially in marriage, a partner must treat the other just like they wish to be treated. This leads us to respect. Respect is absolutely crucial to a healthy union. Of course, it begins with respecting yourself and then your partner. If you take a second and think about it, when you respect someone, you try not take them for granted. In a nut shell, you see your partner as yourself. In doing so, you’re always looking for your partner’s best interest which in this case is your best interest as well. Remember, before marriage, you use to always be very careful about everything you do for your partner. Every detail is carefully thought out during the first date because you want a second date, right? If you treat every day you spend with your partner as a first date, I don’t think there would be an end to your marriage. If making your partner happy, makes you happy, and you always think about their best interest no matter what, then you have a healthy marriage.

Trust follows from respect. We all heard time and time again that trust is earned and not given. Well, if you think about it, it is true. Being able to have a blind trust in your partner is key to a healthy relationship. In a healthy, lifelong marriage, partners trust one another with their lives. Literally, each partner has the power of life and death over the other. If one partner is incapacitated and winds up in the Hospital, the other partner would make any necessary judgement with the doctors. Anyone can see how crucial it is to have someone they love, respect and trust taking life and death decisions on their behalf. Of course, you must have a 100% commitment for a marriage to work. But there is a caveat though, 100% commitment has to come from both partners. If one produces 100% and the other 0%, the marriage will fail. Ideally, a 50% commitment from each would be desirable. Every partner must be committed and involved for the marriage to work. Life is full of challenges and two people who love, respect, and trust one another will have a better chance at a successful marriage.